Sedona Vortex Tours

Sedona Vortex Tours

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Guided meditation at a Sedona vortex site Hands in meditation Anita Owens - Sedona Vortex Tours tour guide

I offer a two-hour or a three-hour tour, to Sedona’s most powerful and Spiritual Vortexes. I will explain what a Vortex is and how it works and how to connect with the masculine Vortex and then a feminine Vortex. We will start with the Spiritual vortex which is both masculine and feminine. I will be taking you through a guided meditation to open your third eye and go through your major seven chakras, clearing them, and bringing them into balance, connecting your chakra system to the Vortex in which you will always be connected to the Vortex for constant healing. Grounded and connected to the core of Mother Earth, and releasing you from the Karmic cycle, so you can move on to a higher dimension when leaving the Karmic cycle this time around.

We will then move onto a feminine vortex which is a vortex for manifesting and creating a vision and intent for new change and growth going forward. I will explain all about Spirit Guides and how to connect with them and how to properly ask questions, that will get you answers and insight into your life at this time. Once you learn how the Spirit Guides communicate, you will connect with them on a daily basis all day long. You just need to understand how they deliver messages constantly to you. I will teach you how to restore your natural telepathic ability and begin to build a relationship with your higher dimensional beings that are around you all the time, giving you messages all day long.

I will then do a guided meditation in which I will teach you how to astral travel to a higher dimension in which you will meet your Spirit Guides. By being on the Feminine Vortex, it will assist you on your astral travel to a higher dimension, to make this connection. That is the power of Vortex; A Spontaneous Psychic Opening that restores your telepathic abilities.