2855 W. SR 89A
Sedona, AZ

Tachyon Wellness Center

Our chambers are constructed by Tachyon Living who are a leading provider of Tachyon products and create the strongest Tachyon Chambers to date. The Tachyon Living team has been working with energy for over 50 years, specializing in Tachyon energy fields for the last 7 years.

“Our chamber works using our Proprietary Method of Michium technology which comprises the use and variance of different alloys, elements and crystals to emit the Tachyon Particles symbiotically in a very high powered state.

The energy within the Chamber has been carefully balanced and calculated, amplified, tested and retested for the greatest potency levels for full body/aura saturation.” - Tachyon Living Specialist

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Tachyon Wellness founders Lee and Olivia
Tachyon chamber at Tachyon Wellness Center in Sedona